Rose Delight Face Toner

Rose Delight Face Toner

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This toner is a natural astringent that tones skin, treat acne, soothes irritation, shrink pores and balances the pH of skin. Toners act as a final cleanse and preps skin before moisturizing. Apply directly onto face and neck to hydrate and refresh skin. Use as a setting spray after makeup, and to give skin a natural glow.


DIRECTIONS: After cleansing face, Spray on a cotton round or pad and wipe upward on face before applying moisturizer. Use 1-2x daily



Net Wgt: 4 oz

Shelf life: 6 months

100% All natural.

Packaged in Recyclable Glass bottles.

Ingredients: Roses, purified water, hydrosol, aloe leaf juice.


Roze Oro Collections recommends performing a patch test prior to incorporating a new product into your skin care routine